We have a selection of paintings on display from the full range of artists shown in our online store Buy Art Online which includes those also in our sister gallery – Quay Art in Padstow.

If you are interested in a particular painting, Let Us Know and we can make it available for you to see.

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Painters & Illustrators

Ceramicists, Glass Artists & Sculptors

Allister Malcolm – Glass
Brian Arthur – Bird Marine & Dog Bronzes
Chris Barela – Turtle & Octopus Bronzes
Clive MaddisonWire Tree Sculptures
David MeredithBronze Wildlife
Matt Buckley – Edge Sculptures
Richard Satava – Glass Jellyfish
Teign Valley GlassGlass
Tim Cotterill, The Frogman – Bird, Gecko, Frog & Koi Bronzes

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