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Thunderbirds Are Go

Alberto Martinez, visit this site has been commissioned to create these FAB limited edition prints which are official licensed Thunderbird products.





[cincopa AwOAdCNyuoXf]

Read more about his inspiration behind these pictures.

Alberto is also well known for his stunningly vibrant and beguiling pictures that explore the issues of modern man through cityscapes littered with dream-like, surreal imagery.

From very recognisable metropolises to intimate streets, he distorts reality in support of his painting’s fascinating narratives. Distinctive features of his recent works include the use of rich colour, painstaking detail, wit, humour togther with a variety of intriguing elements that intertwine to challenge our conventional views of the city.

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Joe Murtagh – dangerous, vibrant and sexy !

Recently released…an amazing brand new pair of exciting and exclusive hand pulled Silk-Screen Limited Edition Prints by the incredible Joe Murtagh.

The two pieces complement each other really well, for sale with both “His” and “Hers” versions available entitles “Love Bomb” (Girl) & “Sex Bomb” (Boy).  Expected in the gallery at the end of the month.

Limited edition of only 45 ; 24 x 18 inch ; framed at £ 195 each.

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Joe Murtagh Screen Print Float Framed Bombs