Iain Faulkner – New Work

From the onset of his professional art career, Iain Faulkner chose to concentrate on figurative painting. His skills have brought him many admirers and success both from British and American art collectors. He now enjoys an international reputation for his timeless and evocative work.

Limited Editions Iain Faulkner

Iain Faulkner’s paintings are concerned with portraying strong and powerful images relying on visual impact as there is rarely any narrative. They capture calm and contemplative moments, intimate exchanges, solitude, and sometimes melancholy.

Iain typically creates a stark contrast between the light source and the often dark tonality found in his work. There is a stillness in the everyday themes which convey a sense of inner-reflection, accentuated by the self engrossed characters and his use of light and shadows to reinforce their emotional detachment.

Whilst a male character appears in many of his limited edition prints, they are not self-portraits in the traditional sense but rather timeless scenes in which Faulkner is the actor.

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