NEW ! The Stani Tasca

We are delighted to introduce The Stani Tasca – a soft Italian style bread pocket for a deliciously different sandwich made in our kitchens. Make sure you try one soon !

The Stani Tasca


Derived from the Italian word for pocket       ( Tasca ), the soft bread has literally been folded to make a bread pocket that is perfect for a variety of tasty fillings in an original and different way.

Initially,  you can choose from the following range ;

Tuna & Cucumber with Mayonnaise
Chicken, Bacon & Tomato with Mayonnaise
Ham ,Cheese & Tomato
Cheese, Tomato & Cucumber

All The Stani Tasca’s also include mixed leaf salad of frisee, lambs lettuce and radicchio ; and are served with hand cooked slightly salted plain crisps.  They cost £ 5.50 each.